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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> and the 17 of the 34 are from the bay area, friends going on this excursion every summer. >> oh, my god, are you okay? are you ever doing this again? >> how did he answer that? >> he says i'm fine, i'm okay. i just needed to give you word things are rolling and people are still missing. so they're still looking for them. >> the survivor sent word he intends to stay in mexico until the fate of all of the missing people is determined. and there is a review. there were 44 people on board, 28 passengers and 16 crew members. all of the crew has been rescued but seven tourists are still missing and one is confirmed dead. we're learning more about the incident last night. bart police officer shot and
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killed a man at the civic center station in san francisco. abc 7 spoke with bart officials today and is live with more. >> we know just one minute after arriving here, these officers fired their shots at the suspect and we know one officer had six years on the force z today, bart police chief defending actions saying the force is not overlay gresi gresive. just hours after an officer shot a man dead, the top brass mounted a quick defense. >> the suspect was in fact had a bottle which is used as a weapon and was armed with a knife. >> two officers responded to a call of a wobblely drunk on the platform around 9:45 p.m. abc 7 learned at least three shots were fired one minute
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after officer arrived on the scene. >> and the suspect down, officers not determined injured at the time. >> police won't say if the cut is with the officer who fired the shot. one officer was also warmed taser. the chief dmot say why he didn't use it at this point i can't answer that question. but... the taser is a tool. >> the suspect died at the hospital. authorities till don't know his identity. three people on the platform witnessed what happened and like agency's last high profile shooting this was caught on surveillance camera. but this time around, bart says a lot changed since the former officer johannes mehserle shot and killed oscar grant. >> if we don't know the answer, or can't release the answer, we'll tell why we're not
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releasing information. >> the guy is armed with a knife and using a bottle as a weapon. one of our officers is injured. and our officers used force they felt was necessary in defense of their lives. >> bart is not releasing identity of the two officers who were on the platform and involved but one interesting note, they did volunteer they're race. they're white and asian. the victim was a white man this, investigation is still ongoing. and san francisco police and a bart auditor are looking into what happened here. >> thank you. in richmond, police are investigating four separate hootings within three hours that left three people dead and three others injured. the first shooting happened around 8:30 afternoon -- last night. one man shot near ohio avenue
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and south 39th street, expected to be okay. two hours later, a man in his 20s found dead on the sidewalk along west ruby avenue. another wounded and survived. shortly after 11:00 a 19-year-old man shot and killed in his vehicle on center avenue, then, just minutes later' 27-year-old man shot to death at the intersection of mcdonald avenue and first street. second man was shot and expected to survive. >> illegal fire works could be to blame for a fire destroying 37 hertz rental cars yesterday. cell phone video captured flames that broke out about 2:30 sunday afternoon. the equipment quickly spread and firefighters doused flames from parking lot of a hotel. and guest reported hearing
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firecrackers bh br noticing flames, investigators will be back at the scene tomorrow. >> there are more fires on july 4th than any other day of the year. and that has firefighters on special patrol in the oakland hills tonight. there is inspection for vegetation. >> when in the fire storm it was a situation i'd never seen before. walls of flames, many houses on fire, more houses on fire than not on fire. and an insurmountable situation. thoughts came to my minld, people will die today. >> since the fire, the city increased the distance between tree trees and houses to at least 10 feet and want a 30 foot clearance below houses on a slope.
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>> every 4th of july we hope fire doesn't hurt fire works displays. the fog is creeping in. for more on the chances of a clear night let's check with sandhya patel. sandhya? >> and there is a wish for clear skies. it's 700 feet deep. it's shallow and you should be able to see fog at the coast. bayside clear, temperatures into 60s f you're heading inland going to be a warm, clear night and light wind. tahoe fire works looking mostly clear. there is the marine layer is shallow and there is will be
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fog ats the coast. the forecast includes a rebound tomorrow, then much cooler weather coming up later on in the week. >> and there is 200,000 people expected to flock to the water front. and there will be several street closures, and these include marina boulevard exit start agent 8:30 p.m. sections of jefferson street will be closed until tuesday morning. and fisherman's wharf will be cordoned off. crews busy putting final touches and shooting off shells from mortars on the peer as well as from a barge on the bay. some shells are as big as bowling balls. >> there is about another
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location pulled out on a barge. >> and two locations will form one spectacular show over the night sky. the big event set for 9:30 tonight z thousands celebrated the 4th, a revival of the rose carnival that began in 1896 later became known as fiesta de had la roses parade. some colorful participants say it's important to celebrate what america is all about. >> this is a society where you can go in where you have a problem with the government you don't have to take a gun, you can step up and go to city hall. you can go to legislature, you can talk to them.
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>> the parade started in the rose garden neighborhood making its way down the ala immediata, culminating with an old fashioned picnic. classic americanna. for a list of the events around the bay area this evening as well as street closures you can go to our web site abc 7 and look under see it on tv. >> and new research out of stanford turning assumptions about the cause of autism upside down. it's something in the environment be playing a key role in the development? and sking in shorts and bikini tops is happen be today in lake tahoe. the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. stanford researchers say environmental factors play a larger role in and studies
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suggests what happens during pregnancy or shortly after owe co-trigger the condition. >> the author admits he was surprised by findings. here is what we knew before this study. before, scientists estimated genes accounted for 90% of autism risk. and only 10% was attributed to nongenetic environmental factors. well, the study shows almost the opposite. >> all right. speed boy. all yours. >> kevin suspected there could be nongenetic factors in autism. his son, elliott was diagnosed several years ago. >> those of us who have children like this on the one side hope to find a cure. or at least a cause so that fewer children are subject to this. >> a new study suggests environmental factors must always be involved. nearly 200 set of twins were
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assessed. keep in mind that identical twins share the same set of genes so if one twin has a disorder, the other one will, too. >> so one has autism, the other one also has autism. >> based on past studies the doctor knew that wasn't always true with identical twins or from a tern nal twins sharing 50% of the genes but his study, the largest ever of twins proved in environmental factors played a larger role than previously thought. his study concluded genes account for 38% of the autism right after this skpk environment accounts for 62% what. risks factors are they talking about? that is the big unknown whachl they seem to know is that something could be happening very early on or during the pregnancy. >> things affect the pregnancy, medication during pregnancy, and infection during pregnancies, things like this
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i would start to look at. >> he would like to see more research identifying both genetic and environmental trigger autos more would be there. more funding and studies better insurance coverage. every day is a battle. >> and for years, studies focused on childhood vaccines as a possible trigger. the doctor jorz there is very little evidence so to support that. he believes researchers should move on and study other environmental factors. >> very interesting break true, thank you very much. and sarah showered start aid hunger strike today to protest the continued detention of two other uc berkeley alumni in iran. police arrested the three almost two years ago as they hike add long the iran, iraq border, showered released on bail last year. bow re. and fattal's trials stot begin at the end of the
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month. they'll spend a day fasting to demand release of fattal and bower. >> and this year's ski season just goes on and on this, this this is a live look from heavenly valley. you can see traces of snow. but higher runs ever well groomed and george warren is live where hundreds are celebratinging the 4th of july. >> ski season did go on and on. and it officially ends today and there is so much snow, they can probably stay open if they wanted to. only rarely to summer and winter sports converge in the basin. one fits both. >> this morning i went water sking in lake tahoe, then drove over here and have been skiing for an hour.
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>> snow in the water, water in afternoon, beach at night g times. >> here they're celebrating red, blue and white with skiing on independence day for only the fourth time in 60 years. 25-year-old dana fisco was 13 last time it happened. >> i wasn't here for that. i wasn't drinking champagne for that, either. >> a record breaking winter and spring made this possible. 810 inches of total snowfall. >> this is a great snow skpfs it's well covered. >> in places snow is still 10 feet deep. that is the extreme down hill shoot known as pal yi saids looking like it did in january. >> it's surprisingly firm. >> ski season officially ended july 4th at 2:00 p.m. for the rest of their lives,
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these kids will be able to say they went skiing on the 4th of july. >> i told them i've done this once before in my life. you never know when it can happen again. >> and can you believe it? up to 10 feet of snow still on the ground. they expect so much snow remaining it will stay here throughout the summer into the fall, helping them reopen in november. >> that is a great look, thank you very much. down here in flatland we're worried about fog ruining the fire works display. >> it's something we talk about every year. >> yes. >> this year there is a shallow fog layer, it's not deep. so there will be fog around, i'm not going to lie to you about that, all right? there is a live picture from
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our emeryville camera. across the bay, you're looking at a little bit of fog there. and there is fog there, looking at the towers about 740 feet. so there is a marine layer pretty shallo we're not expecting to it deepen. the fog will be around. take a look at your current temperatures. there are readings from 50s and 6 ows near the coast and bay to 90s well inland. there is a 40 degree spread. 97 in livermore. it's typical of summer time. and there is breeze dropping our temperatures area wide 12 degrees cooler now. nine degrees cooler in san
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jose. there is livermore down three degrees, patchy fog, temperatures rebounding tomorrow. cooling begins on wednesday. so this afternoon, we have been seeing fog along coast and did see brief clearings up to the north. fog going to hang on near the coastline for the most part. the onshore breeze continue was a west wind at 24 miles per hour. that is going to mean the morning starts out with gray skies again. the breeze will be weakening a little bit. with weaker sea breeze, temperatures going to bounce up inland. and there is fog, it's not going to be as noticeable. we're bringing back triple digits you saw yesterday. overnight tonight looking for mild conditions inland. low to mid-60s.
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and 90 in campbell. los gatos, 94 degrees, and you're looking at sunshine, 83 in redwood city. los altos near 90 degrees, coastline going to be into 60s. and there is 64 with fog lingering into afternoon. there is 92 in santa rosa. and there is is going to be a hot one in brentwood. 100 degrees. 99 in antioch and fair feemd. livermore, 98 degrees for new concord. and there is 66 in monterey, up to 97 degrees inland with high clouds moving in. there is a mid-60s to triple
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digits inland tomorrow, yes, temperatures coming up tomorrow and will be going down starting wednesday. cooler days coming trite rite through the end of the work week, into the weekend. temperatures expected to drop down to mid-80s inland. and there is stronger sea breeze meaning temperatures dropping below morm. for now just a little rebound tomorrow. >> and worst when you see fog turning shades of color. >> i know. >> shouldn't that be bad. >> we'll see fog but should be shallow nouf see fire work autos just ahead, we'll hear from a bay area astronaut who just arrived at cape canaveral for the very last shuttle mission z a growing movement called urban forestry. giving new life to wood
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gathered inside city limits.
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just four days until the final launch of the space shuttle atlantic. four astronauts arrived today. one of them mission specialist was born in redwood city and he talked about the last flight. >> main thing is that we're bringing about a year's worth of supplies so we need to get the space station stocked up to give time to get their vehicles ready to go to continue to resupply the space station. >> and lift off will take place at 8:26 our time friday
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morning. >> the duke and duchess of camebridge hit the water today in is a in a da. the royal couple spent the fifth day of the overseas trip on prince edward island. william piloted a canadian military helicopter. then, the newlyweds faced november a dragon boat race. the couple leaves for los angeles on thursday. >> and just head, gentleman, start your enzymes. a showdown of competitive eating. is joey chestnut still the
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has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy stain from an otherwise pristine wall-to-wall? or granted the christmas dreams of twins whose only wish was the shine of a professionally-cleaned hardwood floor? well, i have seen the a glory of steam-cleaned kitchen tile in the early morning hours! i have saved floors. i have lived! also, we'll be passing a card around for carl. please sign it. ♪call 1-800-semxser. coming up at 6:00 new research about breast cancer, tonight latest findings about just when a woman should get a mammogram. plus... >> i went to make a friend
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with a chief. >> growing influence riding korean waves, growing influence of a nation making a name for itself around the world coming up tonight at 6:00. >> and san jose's joey chestnut gobbled his way to the fifth' nathan's hot dog eating contest today. chestnut devoured 62 dogs in 10 minutes this year, short of a world record set back in 2009 when putting away 68 dogs. all right. and that is all for abc 7 news.